Friday, August 28, 2009

Yoda Soda's ~ Star Wars Birthday Party!

Michael and Tanner had a combined birthday party to celebrate their 7th birthday with friends! My personal favorite were the drinks... YODA SODA's rock!

Recipe for Yoda Soda:

Mix together lime sherbet & Sprite.


For more details on this party visit the movie at:

Here are our notes from the party:

3:00-3:20 Build lego star ships until all guests arrive, with star wars music in the background...

~Use the force game.... light sabers & black balloons

~Pod (wagon) Races...*Pod Race: You'll need two suitcases (use old suitcases if you have them) or another wheeled item such as little wagon.

Split the Star Wars birthday party guests into two equal teams, and have the teams divide themselves into pairs. One person leads the pod racer, while the other person rides on the suitcase. Have each pair race to one end of the party area, switch places, and then race to the other end and back to their team. The first team to have all pairs cross the finish line wins!

~Pass the Death Star: To prepare for this Star Wars birthday party game, you'll need a couple of clear (or transparent) balloons, confetti, several small balls (no more than 1" thick), and Star Wars theme music. Before blowing up the balloons, fill them with a half-hand full of confetti and several small balls. Blow up the balloons and tie them closed. (As the balloon is passed around a circle, the confetti and small balls within the balloon will bounce around as if the 'death star' is exploding.)

Ask the kids to sit in a circle. Hand the birthday child the 'death star' balloon. Explain that everyone must pass the death star around while the music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the death star must "explode" out of the circle. Keep playing until only one player remains.

~Jedi vs. Sith: First, pick one or more players to be Jedi knights, and everyone else is a Sith. When the Jedi hear command "May the force be with you!", they must try to catch as many Sith as they can. If players get caught, they must go to a designated area called "Sith Prison," where they must stand still with their legs spread apart.

To be rescued, one of their Sith friends has to crawl through the captured player's legs. Keep playing the game until everyone has been caught, or it's time to move to the next Star Wars birthday party game.

This could lead to their receiving their Padawan robes and getting their pictures taken fighting with their character of choice...

4:30- Sing Happy Birthday, Yoda Soda, Light Saber Cupcakes (I'll make 2... what color saber does Tanner want?), Do we want to do any other food? Galactic Pizza? Light Sabers (dipped pretzel sticks)? Open presents?

Should we tie a black then white helium balloon on the chairs where the kids sit to represent dark vs light?

5:00 May the Force be with you! Goodbye!