Friday, March 4, 2011

Tween's Cooking Day... Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)

16 oz. white marshmallows
2 Tbsp. water
2 lbs. confectioner's sugar, sifted

Liberally grease a large section of your counter top with the shortening (you can also use a large bowl, but I think the counter top is easier). Pour about half of the sugar over the shortening and make a large well in the center.
In a double boiler or the microwave, heat the marshmallows and the water until melted. Pour over the powdered sugar and mix (I like to use my hands – greased of course – to do this. Just be careful because it is quite hot at first).
Knead, adding more sugar as needed, until the mixture is not sticky. (I have never used all 2 pounds of sugar.)
Wrap airtight (I usually wrap in plastic wrap and then stick in a ziploc baggy) and let rest overnight for best results.
When you are ready to use it, dust your work surface with cornstarch and knead until pliable (you can microwave it for a few seconds to help soften it if you need to). Then shape or roll as thin as you want with a rolling pin dusted in cornstarch. To keep it from sticking to your work surface, turn rolled dough frequently and continue dusting with cornstarch until you have reached the desired thinness.

Leilani and the girls got together for a homeschool book/craft group meeting, and we rolled out the fondant. The budding artists had a great time molding the fondant into creative designs. The Marshmallow Fondant recipe is an all-time family favorite from my cousin Beth. The possibilities are endless!