Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Salad

The walnuts make this salad packed with vitamins and minerals!

Winter Salad

One head chopped Romaine lettuce
Seeds of one Pomegranate (1/2 Pomegranate would be enough too)
2 Grapefruits, sectioned, membrane removed
1 cubed avocado
1/2 cup lightly sweetened pecans

3 Tablespoons light vinegar (I used Grapefruit vinegar from TraderJoe's--but a white balsamic or plain white would be fine.)
3 Tablespoons very light oil (I used fresh grapeseed oil--if it's not veryfresh, the taste is too strong for salad. Vegetable oil would be fine.)
3 Tablespoons honey
Salt to taste

Toss lettuce, seeds, grapefruit, avocado with dressing and top with nuts.
I made the salad again this weekend with the avocado, and it was a very nice(I think needed) addition.
Contributed by Renee Johnson
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