Monday, November 17, 2008

Caramel Fruit Dip

If I could just eat this like a bowl of cold cereal my sweet tooth would be satisfied!

Caramel Fruit Dip
1 - 8oz cube cream cheese
1/2 C. powered sugar
16 oz bottle of Carmel sauce*
Warm all above ingredients in a saucepan* You can serve it warm, which is YUMMY - or cold*You also can double the able ingredients and pour into a 9X13 pan topped with chopped walnuts and chill in refrigerator.... it is even better than the normal dip - EASY and super YUMMY.
Can I just say delicious! Amy Kirby made this for Rachel's baby shower, and it is amazing! Trisha and I were both swooning over it! This is the best fruit dip I have ever had!
Thank you Amy!