Monday, November 10, 2008

Recipe for printing our blog into a COOKBOOK...

Technology is amazing! Let's leave a legacy for our children to enjoy!

Last spring I made my personal family blog into a book! It was really simple. I uploaded my blog to ( is also a wonerful site)by entering in my access passwords. Some posts I chose not to have published in my book, and I imported additional photos that were not on my blog.

I went through entry by entry, deleting or adding text, changed the fonts, and chose templates that fit each post. My favorite template was where my pictures came through as 8*10's. The first picture I had on my blog automatically would fill that template. If I wanted to add a lot of text I chose the appropriate template for that. There are 12 or so different templates to choose from. It took me about 8 hours start to finish, and I worked on it over a few weeks.

The cost of my book ended up to be $42 for 160 full color pages! It is hardbound, and even has color photos on the front & back covers. After completing that project I realized how easy it would be to put together a book of recipe's using the same format. I'll use the same method for our cooking blog. Blurb even offers a 25% discount for additional books purchased after the first one is paid for.

I am very excited to have all my favorite recipe's in one hardbound book! I will rejoice when all the little scraps of paper in my pile are filed safely away and I will never be in a panic looking for that one recipe...