Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Here are the secret tips you need to have a moist, delicious deep fried turkey!

Every November we have a 'Thanksgiving Feast" at church. It is an amazing event!

Woody, the main man heads up a team of muscle to bring us the best turkey dinner on the planet! These guys set up propane tanks attached to huge frying pots. They have lights and rope off an area so nobody gets hurt.

As the turkey is slowly dipped into the pot grease flies eveywhere, making it a most dangerous job!

The final product is a rack of sealed, scrumptions, seasoned supper!

Woody's recipe for a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey


1 turkey, 13-16 pounds, defrosted

1 cup butter

1 2 oz bottle of Louisina Hot Sauce

2T of Tony Chachere's Seasoning blends

2 oz bottle of onion juice
2 oz bottle of garlic juice
35 lbs of peanut oil (large container)

He starts the process by defrosting a 13-16 pound bird. This is the perfect size, because it will comfortably fit in the pot. The turkey must be defrosted. If the bird is frozen, he thaws it in a cooler for 24 hours. He fills a cooler full of room temperature water, inserts the turkey, then closes the lid. The lid pushes the turkey down, so no part is exposed to warm air and this eliminates the possiblity of the turkey going rancid. Having the turkey fully submerged ensures the health and saftey of all the who will be eating it. Never deep fry a frozen turkey! It won't cook all the way through, and someone may end up getting sick! You can always leave your turkey on a big cookie sheet for about a week in the refrigerator to thaw as well.

Heat the peanut oil (you can use any oil, but peanut oil adds the best flavor) to between 375-390 degrees. In the meantime wash and clean out the turkey, and get ready to inject it with spices.

In a 2 quart pan melt the 2 cubes of butter, Tony's seasoning, hot sauce, garlic, and the onion salt. Bring the mixture to a boil. Draw the hot liquid into the needle of the injector.

Be sure to inject the legs, breast, thighs, and spread the seasonings around everywhere! Brush on butter, and sprinkle Tony's Chachere's seasonings all over the turkey. If you want your turkey spicey marinate it overnight before you deep fry it.

Deep fry the turkey 3 1/2 minutes for every pound of turkey. A 16 pound bird would need to be deep fried for 1 hour. Be sure to eat it while it is hot, because if you wait until it gets cold the butter will solidify.
Thank you to Woody Zacchilli for sharing!